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Merchant's PACT

Merchant Services Offered by Town & Country Bank and Trust Co.

New to accepting cards as payment? Need to reduce your processing rates and fees? Through our partner, Merchant’s PACT, you will receive the best payment processing rates, contract terms, and largest selection of solutions in the market.

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Service designed to save you time and money

  • Provide best processing rates available
  • Protection against price increases and billing errors
  • Access to any type of POS solution (tablet POS, integrated POS, wireless terminal, terminal, mobile, ecommerce)
  • Improvement of pricing, terms, and conditions with current processing provider
  • Direction on the best product solution
  • Service escalation, we always have a real person answer the phone
  • Customer notifications of necessary security and equipment updates
  • Competitive bid evaluations and negotiations
  • Monthly audits of processor billings (statements) to ensure your pricing is accurate and stays in place
  • Communication and reporting to your processor of any erroneous charges
  • Reimbursement negotiations with your processing provider so you get money back for inaccurate fees
  • They manage your merchant services for you

Customizable solutions to meet your needs and customer demands!

  • Create customer billing plans
  • Send promotions to customers
  • Generate menus for products/services
  • Develop price points and discount programs
  • Export reporting that is meaningful to you

Getting started is easy:

  • NO switch obligation; they can negotiate with any provider, including your current provider.
  • NO rate increases, they audit your monthly processing statements to ensure there are no rate increases and check for billing errors.
  • NO new processing equipment or solution required, unless you would like new equipment.
  • NO effort or time on your part, they help manage your processing relationship so you can focus on growing your business.

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