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Our Philosophy

Rising Dividends 

A paycheck that grows when you need it; a compounding investment until you do. 

First Bankers Trust offers a holistic approach to investing and asset allocation advice, while focusing on a rising dividends strategy for our clients.

Our rising dividends strategy allows our clients to achieve their investment goals while providing them with the following advantages: 

  1. Increasing Income
    •Investing in companies that consistently pay and grow their dividends provides our clients with a steady stream of cash flows while offsetting the impact of inflation. 
  2. Decreasing Downside
    •Investing in high-quality, dividend-growing companies allows us to generate competitive returns with reduced volatility. These high-quality companies are the types of stocks that investors gravitate towards during times of uncertainty, allowing them to outperform other equities
  3. Uncompromising upside
    •Dividend-growing companies have historically outperformed those companies who do not grow their dividends – providing our investors with competitive total returns

Investment Process

Investing in high-quality companies that demonstrate excellent capital stewardship and reward their shareholders with rising dividends

First Bankers Trust employs a rigorous quantitative and qualitative approach in selecting companies for our rising dividends strategy.  We utilize fundamental research to invest in high-quality companies that deliver sustainable, competitive advantages while earning compelling returns on capital and rewarding shareholders with a rising dividend.  The companies within our “Hedgehog” portfolio have average dividend growth rates that have significantly outpaced inflation over the past decade.  During 2018, these companies increased their annual dividends by an average of 14%.

Investment products are not FDIC insured, not guaranteed by the bank, and may lose value