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Our Services

Investment Management 

First Bankers Trust Company develops close relationships with all of our clients, whether individual or institutional.  All services are delivered by experienced portfolio managers and portfolios are tailored to each client’s unique needs, risk tolerance, and investment goals. 

We offer investment solutions and strategies for clients across all different stages of life and wealth:

  • For clients who have already begun to accumulate savings, we will work with you individually to create a portfolio focused on investing in high-quality, individual stocks through our rising dividend strategy.  Learn more about our investment approach and philosophy 
  • If you are just starting to save for retirement, we can tailor an investment solution for you.

Financial Planning

We offer financial planning to all of our clients and encourage them to fully take advantage of this service. Our services are focused on retirement planning, IRA management and tax planning. As financial planning is an ongoing process due to the ever-constant changes in our daily lives, this as an ongoing service that we provide to our clients throughout our relationship.

First Bankers Trust Company assists individuals working to accumulate assets for retirement, those nearing retirement, and retirees relying on investments for retirement income.  Our approach integrates financial planning into all phases of life to coordinate investment planning with financial planning.  We call this “making money and life work together.”  We routinely serve as corporate trustee as part of our client’s estate plans.

First Bankers Trust is also uniquely positioned to provide 401k and retirement plan services for business owners. In today’s complex fiduciary world, working with our trust company to provide expert fiduciary investment services at the plan level and solid planning advice at the employee level is essential.  We also have significant experience managing endowments and working with nonprofit organizations, including in planned giving and charitable estate planning. 

At First Bankers Trust, our financial planning professionals can help coordinate the following services: 
  • Cash flow planning
  • Philanthropic planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax strategies
  • Social security planning 
If you would like to read more about the various types of financial planning services that we provide to both individuals and businesses, please contact us.

Trust and Estate Administration

Our trust and estate services are here to execute your wishes in a timely, precise and thoughtful manner.  We have extensive experience in trust administration and estate settlement.

Our estate settlement services consist of serving as either executor or administrator for our clients’ estates.  Our personal trust services include administration of trusts and ensuring those accounts are administered in accordance with the terms of the governing documents.  Most trust arrangements provide for professional investment management and allow for the distribution of funds for various purposes.

While other larger trust companies might impose difficult and timely internal guidelines to distribute money when approved and needed, First Bankers Trust is a local and service-oriented trust company that prides itself on timely review and processing of our trust clients’ income and distribution needs.

Philanthropic Services

Our team of professionals is uniquely qualified to guide individuals and families through a detailed charitable estate process.  The goal is to ensure your estate plan transfers assets to loved ones in a way that is tailored to fit their individual personalities and needs.  We work with you to identify philanthropic capital that may be used to support the nonprofit community, rather than the federal government in the form of taxes.

We provide confidential planning for clients who have specific questions about any aspect of their estates, including gifting opportunities involving charitable trusts, family foundations, donor advised funds, life estates, gifts of appreciated assets and others.

We offer extensive services in order to help you to set up a plan to distribute your family wealth in an orderly manner based on your specific desires.
Investment products are not FDIC insured, not guaranteed by the bank, and may lose value