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Want to receive your statements electronically?

If this is a new account you must receive the first statement in paper form before you have the ability to accept evue for future statements. After you’ve received at least one paper statement proceed as follows:

Once logged in, click the Accounts menu and choose Documents then View Statements. You will then be prompted to accept terms and conditions for Electronic Statements.
Click the word Statements next to each account you wish changed to electronic statements.

To access your account statements in the future, simply click that same menu option! Click on the Statements link next to the account for which you would like to review statements.

NOTE: You must successfully login to your Online Banking Account every 90 days to prevent your online access from being purged. If you are purged from the online banking system your account statements will revert back to paper and a paper statement fee may be charged.

If a particular account is not displayed for which you would like to receive Electronic Statements, please contact our Customer Resource Center at 502-348-3911 or toll-free at 1-877-813-3282.